I have been asked to share a few of my wine recommendations. I feel privileged for two reasons. Number one, wine is Ian Mitchell’s domain. Ian’s wine knowledge, expertise and taste is something I dream of. And second, I love wine and I am very excited to share a few of my favourites.

Recently in his wine blog, Ian shared great supermarket wines that don’t break the bank. As an alternative, I am going to suggest some wines which are only available on line.

I am a devoted and loyal customer of Naked Wines. I like Naked Wines because they work with small, independent winemakers from all over the world. The wine quality reflects the careful way they select producers who collaborate for the greater good of wine and the customer.

These are my recommendations.

Arabella Viognier 2016 by Stephen de Wet, SA (Western Cape)

This Viognier is so gorgeously fragrant, just smelling it will make your mouth water. It’s bursting with gorgeous apricot and honeysuckle fruit, a citrus zing and a long lingering finish. Perfect to drink on its own, chilled to 8-10C but equally a great match with nice spicy food like curry, Thai salads or Mexican nachos. If you haven’t tried Viognier before, now is your chance. You’re about to fall in love. £9.49

Montaria 2015 by Luis Vieira, Portugal

A luscious full bodied red. It is a unique blend of several local grapes, which gives it a surprising complexity for such a low price. The mind-blowing juiciness of the black cherry and damson fruit assaults the mouth like a battering ram. It is very easy to drink, and it’s vegan. A perfect match for any Mediterranean cuisine and soft cheese. I recommend you open a bottle half an hour before you drink it so that all the notes awaken. £9.49

Sacchetto Frizzante by Paolo Sacchetto, Italy (Veneto)

I want to include a recommendation for bubbles. I call this soft bubbles. Lightly sparkling, it makes a scrumptious alternative to Prosecco. It is young, fresh, lively and seriously easy to drink. It makes an excellent aperitif and is a perfect accompaniment for fresh shellfish. £9.99

I hope you enjoy reading about Naked Wines and what they have on offer. They also have on-going promotions for first time customers including a very generous discount when you buy your first case of wine.

Naked Wines also has an Angel’s scheme where subscribers invest £20 a month which Naked Wines invests in more independent winemakers. In return Angels receive generous discounts. At the moment Naked Wines have enough Angel subscribers, but you can put your name on their waiting list.

Cheers and remember to drink responsibly.


Marketing Director

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