My earliest food memory is eating a wonderful roast chicken dinner, which was a rare when I was young and a big treat. We had it with all the trimmings.

Fermented food is trending for me. I eat a teaspoon of Sauerkraut before a meal and like to finish off with kefir blended with seasonal fruit – yum. It is important to look after the friendly bacteria in our guts.

My favourite place to eat is at the family table surrounded by my loved ones.

My most memorable meal was in Bologna many years ago. I didn’t speak good Italian and I didn’t realise how many courses there were. I filled up on the first course, il primo and then discovered there were another 14 or 15 courses to follow. It was of course incredible local cuisine.

My ideal dinner party would be large and eclectic. Winston Churchill fascinates me. Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered how cell metabolism worked. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s resourcefulness and imagination with food would inspire us all. He could also tell us about his campaigns to eat sustainable food. Jack Drummond worked at the Ministry of Food during WW2. Jack’s ‘sound nutritional principles’ meant everyone ate equitably for the first time. He pioneered the concept of ‘food democracy’ and despite war time rationing the health of the nation improved. Helena Attlee wrote ‘The Land Where Lemons Grow’, it combines two of my favourite things, Italy and food. Elizabeth David, cookery writer revitalized home cooking. And Scientist, Stephanie Seneff is an expert on pesticides.

I am inspired by all Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage cook books. My other favourite is Gut Gastronomy: Revolutionise Your Eating to Create Great Health. Written by Vicki Edgsdon and Adam Palmer. They show you how to eat a balanced, healthy and tasty diet that keeps your digestive system happy too.

The three items always kept in my fridge are Kale, Kefir (fermented milk drink that’s good for the gut) and loads of seasonal veggies.

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