My earliest food memories are of eating freshly baked baguette. The smell always reminds me of growing up in the South of France.

Food that’s trending for me at the moment is anything freshly pressed and in a glass – and in the summer time, always over ice.

My favourite place to eat is an amazing little Indian restaurant called the Blue Ginger, in the village where I live. They provide amazing service and have the widest variety you could imagine, including scallops, salmon, duck and ostrich, to name a few. My most memorable meal was sitting outside, looking out to sea with a bowl of freshly cooked mussels, fresh bread and a crisp white wine… all the sounds and tastes you’d expect to find in Lacanau in the South of France.

My ideal dinner guests would be an exciting mix of Boris Johnson with Jimmy Carr, and for the sensible part of the conversation I would add Rick Stein.

When I first started to cook, my inspiration was from Raymond Blanc. He compiled a Les Routiers cookbook where he travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain, featuring the best dish of each restaurant and hotel he visited. The variety was immense, and I was enthralled by how many different meals one person could enjoy.

The three items I always keep in my fridge are cheese (until the ceremony starts of removing it from the fridge and very slowly bringing it to room temperature), my homemade sweet chilli sauce, and wine.

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